change management: 
One Small Step for Tech, One Giant Leap for Organizational Resilience

The Situation

A large international crop nutrient company embarked on multi-year initiative todevelop a world-class approach to managing environmental data, meeting environmental compliance and reporting obligations, and sustainability reporting requirements. Along with the standardization and streamlining of processes, two SAP modules would replace over 100 tools and systems used to collect, manage, and report environmental and sustainability information. The initiative was also charged with embedding into the organizational culture the mindset that enterprise systems and the behavioral adjustments they necessitate are welcomed assets in company’s drive to fulfill its mission.

The Solution

Working side-by-side with the Program Manager and project team, Write Influence developed and coordinated the execution of a change management strategy for the initiative. We used a combination of engagement, communications, and training to help people transition from awareness through to acceptance and ultimately adoption of the new systems and processes. Engagement activities were designed to give and recognize stakeholders for their voice and involvement in the achievement of the project vision.

We continually analyzed stakeholder groups’ interest and commitment; capturing their hearts and minds with carefully crafted timely messages and information. When the time came for end-users to move over to the new system and processes, we designed interactive training and on-the-job resources for reinforcement. Participants learned how to use the new tools in the context of business cases and were given ample opportunity to practice in a safe environment with real-time coaching.

The Results

Our efforts expedited buy-in for the new system, helped break-down silos and broker healthy relationships among the stakeholder groups involved in and impacted by the project, promoted cross-functional collaboration on the development of new supporting processes, mitigated the impact on productivity during roll-out and encouraged rapid adoption of the system and processes into daily culture and practice. With our assistance, a Center of Excellence was established to pass the torch of system ownership, upkeep and governance from the project team to the business.