Organizations Change; People, Not So Much

Organizations make changes. People go through transitions. Just because the organizations implements a change, does not mean people will go through the transition needed to make that change successful.

When facing change, people pass through a fairly predictable set of stages before adapting their attitudes, behaviors, and actions needed to make what’s new the norm. Early on, expectations and interest run high. However, as change initiatives progress, the reality of the effort and complexity required for implementation have a cooling effect on people’s enthusiasm; dragging productivity down with it.  Ultimately, once people come to understand and accept the change, productivity picks up.  

Smoothing Out The Curves

The goal of our change management strategy is to help the people impacted by a change initiative move through their transition in a timely manner; minimizing the downside effects, maintaining productivity levels throughout the course of the initiative and increasing employee commitment to making new business practices or systems part of the organizations culture.



The OCM Strategy

The Write Influence OCM Strategy combines communication, engagement, and training plans to craft a specific approach for helping the people in an organization understand, accept, and actively contribute to the successful achievement of a change initiative's goals.



Communication helps capture people's hearts and minds. Consistent compelling messages from credible trusted sources has the power to convince target employee groups of the need for and importance of the initiative as well as the role they can play in making it a success.



Engagement activities are designed to give and recognize employees for their voice and involvement in the vision, process, and outcome of the initiative. When people feel they have been heard and acknowledged, they are more likely to openly support and adopt new tools, methods, and ideas.


Training equips people with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits they need to personally succeed in the new environment.


Make It Your Own

Like giant rhinos blocking an African roadway, deeply entrenched cultural factors and human inertia cannot be pushed aside by sheer force of will. Implementing organizational change requires a well thought out and flawlessly executed plan to clear the path to success. Let’s work together to equip your leaders, project managers, and influencers with change management capabilities they can call into play whenever rhinos get in the way. Why not prepare them to be agents of change – innovating, collaborating, and making a difference in time with market and organizational demands? Click the button below to find out how to embed vital change leadership skills into your organizational DNA.

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Ensure the Success of Your Initiative

Whether you are re-organizing a department, implementing a new software application or system, down-sizing your workforce, or launching a new strategy, secure success before you even start. Include an OCM Strategy in your overall implementation plan. Contact us to learn more.