We know that adults retain information, adopt new skills and habits, and are most likely to apply what they’ve learned when:

  • They are actively engaged in the learning process
  • Can clearly explain how mastering new concepts, skills, attitudes, or habits will positively impact their job performance and contribute to business results
  • Make direct connections between the training content and their personal experiences
  • Have a supportive environment with appropriate incentives for using what has been learned

That is why we deliver dynamic high-energy motivational training programs that engage learners, help them associate program content with real-world experiences, and hold them accountable for using what they learn to contribute to personal and organizational goals.

Need an engaging facilitator?

Why settle for flashes of motivation or moments of inspiration that do not last past dessert? When you an opportunity to gather people together, why not do more than just entertain? Why not add value? Make the experience worthwhile. Give people skills and knowledge to take with them and use in their work. 

Nicole De Falco facilitates experiences so interactive, engaging, and productive participants cannot wait to use what they learn on the job. She is available for in-house training, public engagements, webinars and virtual workshops, lunch-and-learns and annual/quarterly meetings. Transform your next event from mildly memorable to measurably meaningful – schedule with Nicole today!


Watch Nicole De Falco, one of our facilitators, in action.