Strategic Value of Learning: 
Why Can’t We Just MAKE Them Do It?

The Situation

A group of senior project managers for a major oil company were finding it more and more difficult to obtain critical internal and external resources, effectively communicate scheduling and budgetary challenges to stakeholders, and convince people, over whom they had no direct authority, to comply with project requirements. 

The Solution

A thoughtfully customized Positive Influence for Premium Results program to equip the participants with tools and to address their immediate challenges and skills, habits, and attitudes for growing their influence long-term.

The project deliverables included:

  • Interviews with 12 members of the target program audience, senior company managers, other departments with whom this group interacted on a regular basis, and people in the company who demonstrated high levels of influence
  • Case materials based on their real world scenarios for participants to use during the workshop sessions
  • Highly interactive 1.5 day workshops on enhancing personal Influence
  • “Tele-coaching” conference calls to help participants apply what they learned to their individual situations

The Results
Four months after the workshops, we measured the impact of the program through a comprehensive survey process. 80% of respondents reported applying some or all of what they had learned in the training.