Instructional Design:
The Results Tell the Story

The Situation

A leading provider of technology solutions recently decided to change their sales training strategy. Instead of purchasing programs from outside vendors, they wanted to build a complete in-house curriculum to be delivered by their own highly qualified facilitators.  Though the organizational development (OD) department has an excellent understanding of their company's business model, customer needs, the ins and outs of their internal clients' daily responsibilities, as well as a deep knowledge of adult learning theory and practice, they felt their instructor-led training needed a healthy dose of fresh ideas, concepts, and techniques. 

The Solution

Out of a group of four candidates, the OD team selected Nicole for her experience in sales training, strong instructional design background, focus on aligning training to business results, and understanding of the importance of leveraging sales management to increase learning application. She was contracted to design a 16 hour solution-selling program.  

The project began with a discovery phase in which Nicole spoke with the sales advisory team (the stakeholders), listened to live conversations between sales people and customers, and collaborated with the Subject Matter Experts on the OD team.  Following the ADDIE model, Nicole produced design documentation that was used to gain advisory team approval and provide the foundation for a complete set of leader materials and participant guides. The client was so pleased with the feedback from the program's pilot session, they engaged Nicole to design and develop six other programs including a business planning resource for sales managers.

What the Sales People Have to Say About the Training

  • When surveyed about the impact of the training, 86% participants from one of the programs for which Nicole was the instructional designer reported an increase in their level of competence relative to the skills and topics covered in the program.
  • Of the participants surveyed after an Account Planning program, 87% reported they had a strong understanding of the planning method.
  • 75% of participants surveyed about a program designed to help them protect and grow their business felt confident they would be able to increase their sales within the first 45 days after the training. 
  • 100% of participants responding to a survey about the Negotiation Skills program Nicole designed and developed exclusively for this client reported an improvement in their conversations with customers. All of the respondents agreed that the strategies, tools, and techniques taught in this program are valuable. 

The Results Tell the Story

Cross-referencing sales data with program participation, the manager of OD determined that, 60 days post training, revenue for those who participated in the negotiation skills program is up 36% compared with the revenue for non-participants which is up only 14%.



Instructional Design:
Strategic Value of Learning: 
Why Can’t We Just MAKE Them Do It?

The Situation

A group of senior project managers for a major oil company were finding it more and more difficult to obtain critical internal and external resources, effectively communicate scheduling and budgetary challenges to stakeholders, and convince people, over whom they had no direct authority, to comply with project requirements. 

The Solution

A thoughtfully customized Positive Influence for Premium Results program to equip the participants with tools and to address their immediate challenges and skills, habits, and attitudes for growing their influence long-term.

The project deliverables included:

  • Interviews with 12 members of the target program audience, senior company managers, other departments with whom this group interacted on a regular basis, and people in the company who demonstrated high levels of influence
  • Case materials based on their real world scenarios for participants to use during the workshop sessions
  • Highly interactive 1.5 day workshops on enhancing personal Influence
  • “Tele-coaching” conference calls to help participants apply what they learned to their individual situations

The Results
Four months after the workshops, we measured the impact of the program through a comprehensive survey process. 80% of respondents reported applying some or all of what they had learned in the training.