We have a knack for putting the latest learning science, technology, and strategies to work to improve skills, knowledge, attitudes, and habits. Our expertise is finding fresh ways to ignite behavior change so that your people’s performance propels business forward.





Instructional Design

Leveraging a combination of cutting-edge advances in adult learning and proven behavior change methodologies, we design, develop, and deliver customized effective learning programs that improve performance in areas critical to the achievement of targeted business results. Read More


Why settle for flashes of motivation or moments of inspiration that do not last past dessert? When you an opportunity to gather people together, why not do more than just entertain? Why not add value? Read More

Change Management Consulting

Organizations make changes. People go through transitions. Just because the organizations implements a change, does not mean people will go through the transition needed to make that change successful. Read More

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Fee Structure

Typically, projects are priced on a fixed-fee basis determined by a mutually agreed on project scope. 

Facilitation is provided on a per day basis. We can establish an appropriate retainer for ongoing initiatives. 

Please contact us with any questions or to discuss rates for a project.